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Cacao nibs, known as a "Super Food", used for muesli mixes, nut mixes, topping on baked goods, confections, chocolate production, etc. It is 100% cocoa, directly from the tree, dried and chopped. The flavor is slight cocoa taste, not tasting of chocolate. Available in a bag with about 150 grams.


Cashew nuts, cultivated in Vietnam. Dry roasted means that the nuts preserve their natural healthy fats, minerals and a very good taste. The are not cooked in oil, so they do not have a fatty texture, taste and feel. Cooking in oil, creates transfatty acids, which does not do anything good for you. Available in a jar with about 400 grams.

Dried fruits

Coconut – Dried


Coconut, dried and diced. Available in a jar with about 400 grams.


Pecan nuts naturally raw. Related to the walnut, however the pecan nut has a less bitter taste. Perfect to make pecan pie. Available in a jar with about 400 grams


Dry roasted pistachio nuts are oven roasted and lightly salted. No deep frying or any oil has been used. Available in a jar with about 300 grams

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